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BFME Modding Programs

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Current Affiliated Sites:
The3rdAge.Net †††This is the highly esteemed The3rdAge. This is the perfect place to come to ask questions about modding or mapping, or even start learning. T3A is equiped with an aresenal of Tutorials that cover nearly every topic.

Atomic Weiner Dog †††AtomicWienerDog is a group of individuals who specialize in producing high-quality mods for games powered under the SAGE engine. AWD is currently comprised of about 15 individuals of all ages, walks of life, and residing in every corner of the world. Formed at the end of 2004, the groupís first project was the highly successful total conversion for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth entitled Rise of Rome. This mod recreated Europe during the rise of the Roman empire and is still being developed to this day.

BFME Tournaments †††BFME Tournaments is definetly the #1 Online BFME & BFME2 Tournament site. It has everything from rewards when winning tournaments to a nice welcoming forums to come to after a long days Battle.

Game Replays †††Game Replays is a massive site that deals with alot of EA's games. Its a good source for news and a nice place to become a forumer.

LOTR Files †††Lord of The Rings Files play a huge part in the BFME community. They have maps, mods and a forum. ††† is the perfect place to information on The Battle for Middle Earth's World Builder. It includes a Wiki Editor that contains all the scripts, it has many maps available to download and is nice place to be.

BFME maps †††BFMEMaps is another good source to get maps. It has up-to-date news on BFME and has a huge selection of Video Tutorials for World Builder.

Rhovanion Alliance †††The Rhovanion Alliance is a huge BFME Mod that includes so many new factions and new mini-factions. They add tons of new models, textures, animatons and bring to the table a better and more fun way to play the game.

Rise Of Rome †††Heres the site of the Famous Rise Of Rime Mod. This mod is based back in greek history and is a total conversion mod completely changing the way we look at mods.

NickTheMenace †††NicktheMenace makes his own personal mods, and is very talented at doing so. He has a nice array of mods to download to have at it.

Celeglin's Elven Alliance †††Celeglins amazing Elven mod is one of the best mods out there, a new faction and fun mod to play. Something you dont want to miss.

Dain's Realism Mod †††Dain's Realism mod is a mod that makes BFME what it should've been. He makes new units, reskins nearly every unit making it flawlessly perfect.

Battle In Moria †††The battle in a moria is a large mod based in the mines of moria. It adds a dwarf faction and goblin faction making this mod really fun.

Battle for Middle Earth Unleashed †††Battle for Middle Earth Unleashed is a site that covers nearly everything in BFME. Its always updated and garuntees your satisfaction.