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BFME I Version
        This hefty program is one of the most useful I think for BFME I. You open it up and it has the 4 existing factions already loaded. Just hit new, name it, say the heros, and the name to be displayed ingame and your practically done. It saves hours of time, mostly resulting from creating the massive CivilianBuildings.ini
  • Add Faction
  • Delete Faction
  • Set Faction as Good
  • Set Faction as Evil
  • Open PlayerTemplate.ini
  • Create Faction(s)
  • Link to T3A
  • Files to Create
    1. PlayerTemplate.ini
    2. Science.ini
    3. Commandset.ini
    4. Upgrade.ini
    5. VictorySystem.ini
    6. CivilianBuildings.ini
    7. Lotr.str
  • Instructions
Faction Creator
Downloaded Times.

BFME II Version
        This Faction creator will be a little more advanced than the BFME I program. Have alot more capabilities and will include the new things that were added in the bfme faction code.

Not yet Available.



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