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BFME I Version
        This program will be the largest by far. Here are the functions that will be available.
  • Edit One Unit At A Time
  • Open Unit
  • Save Unit
  • Load and View
    • ButtonImage
    • SelectPortrait
  • Load and Listen
    • Voice + Sound Files
  • Make Unit, Hero, Horde Or Building
    • Each one has different Behaviors Available
    • Then Pick ObjectReskin, ChildObject, or Object
  • Decent Descriptions for Behaviors and all their functions.
  • For Main Forms
    • Art, Design, Audio, and Engineering
  • Ability to use the 'Autofill' Function
    • The User may pick certain types for Whatever object they picked
    • Unit
      • Airborne, Spearmen, Archer, Soldier, Monster, SiegeWeapon, Seige Mechanism, Horse, and Other
    • Hero
      • Airborne, Archer, Soldier, ArcherMounted, SoldierMounted, and Other
    • Horde
      • Spearmen, Archer, Soldier, Horse, Combo(Between 2 different Unit Types), and Other
    • Building
      • CastleMember, CivilianStructure, Tree, Debris, Object, Projectile, and Other
  • All of Version1's functions
  • Complete Functionality
  • All Known Errors Work
  • More Accurate Descriptions On Everything
    Possible Functions to add.
  • Edit more than one Unit at at Time
  • Help 'Program' Like Normal Large Software
  • View Uploaded ParticleFX
  • View Uploaded Model" (A little researching is needed)
  • View Uploaded Animations" (A little researching is needed)
  • Edit Sound Files
    • (Possibly Another function Inside it, but "separate" Program)
  • Set MappedImage Coordinates

Not yet Available.

BFME II Version
        This program will be like the first except updated to the BFME II code.

Not yet Available.



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